Since 1986, Daeho has developed and produced precision paper cutter and other related devices. Until now, we are able to develop unique technology with years of research of our R&D team. It leads to good reputation while we take part in many exhibitions and acquire certificates from international certificate authorities and allows us to extend the market share by opening branches all over the world.

We promise to put many efforts into providing you with the latest technology as well as the best quality product. Also, we will make our best efforts to be a front-runner in the market.

1986 Jan.   Founded DAEHO Machinery Co.
1986 Mar.   Produced three kinds of cutters (DH-1160, 860, 710)
1986 May.   Started to export two sets of cutter (DH-1016) to Indonesia
1987 Sep.   Additionally produced three kinds of cutter (DH-1160, 860, 710)
1988 Dec.   Contracted lotting-out in Daegu, Seung-Seo Industrial Complex, the 2nd area 15B1L
1991 Feb.   Completed four kinds of Hydraulic Digital Paper Cutter Development
1991 Apr.   Started construction work in Seung-Seo Industrial Complex, the second area 15B1L.
1991 Oct.   Moved to new building
1991 Dec.   Finished the development of Hydraulic Computer Paper Cutter by using the Technical Assistance of SMIPC (the Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation)
1992 Mar.   Joined “Daegu, Kyung Buk Machinery Cooperative Association”(No.556)
1992 May.   Certificated as “Prospective Small/Medium-Sized Enterprise” (No. 92-12) by Daegu Bank
1992 Sep.   Participated in KIPES ’92(COEX)
1993 Dec.   Certificated Korean currency loan available for foreign currency (Korean Machinery Industry Promotion Association)
1993 Dec.   Hydraulic Computer Paper Cutter No. 93-02884
1993 Dec.   Hydraulic Digital Paper Cutter No. 93-02885
1994 Aug.   Completed the Development of Hydraulic Monitor Paper Cutter
1994 Sep.   Participated in KIPES ’94(COEX)
1995 Mar.   Practical new advice register application No. 5321
1995 Jul.   Practical new advice register application No. 17347
1995 Dec.   Designed registration No. 14958
1996 Aug.   Completed the Development of Small-Sized Hydraulic Computer Paper Cutter (570mm)
1996 Aug.   Participated KIPES ’96(COEX)
1998 Feb.   Joined member of Korea International Trade Association. (No. 13047258)
1998 Mar.   Contracted export agencies in Eastern Europe and started to export
1998 Sep.   Started to export our machines to Mexico
1998 Nov.   Contracted export agency in Southeast Asia
1998 Dec.   Registered Trademark (No. 432490)
1999 Feb.   Started to export our machine to U.S.A
1999 Mar.   Applied Certification of CE mark & S mark
2000 Feb.   Apr Acquired certification of CE mark
2000 Feb.   Acquired certification of S mark. (Korea Safety Standard)
2000 Apr.   Promoting ISO 9001(QMS)
2002 Apr.   Participated in IPEX 2002
2002 Aug.   Participated in KIPES 2002
2003 Oct.   Participated in Polygraphinter 2003
2003 Oct.   Participated in China International Exhibition for All Printing 2003
2004 Jan.   Promoting ISO 9000 (QMS)
2004 May.   Participated in DRUPA2004 (Hall 11.E77)
2004 Jul.   Participated in KIPES 2004
2005 May.   Participated in FESFA 2005 (München, Germany)
2005 Aug.   Participated in PRINKOR 2005 (COEX, Korea)
2005 Sep.   Participated in Chicago PRINT 05 (Chicago, USA) (Booth No.4462)
2005 Oct.   Participated in Toronto Printing Exibition (Canada)
2006 Feb.   Acquired certification of CE mark by COC
2006 Mar.   Participated in PEP EXPO Printing South China (China)
2006 Mar.   Participated in Graphitec Show (France)
2006 May.   Found DAEHO Institute of Technology
2006 May.   Participated in Grafitalia (Italy)
2006 May.   Participated in Expo Print (Brazil)
2006 Jun.   Participated in All in Print China 2006 (China)
2006 Sep.   Participated in KIPES 2006 (KINTEX Korea)
2007 Jan.   Participated in Intergraphic-Creapub (France)
2007 Feb.   Participated in Graphispag (Spain)
2007 Mar.   Participated in Poligrafia (Poland)
2007 Apr.   Participated in Graphica (Greece)
2007 Jun.   Certificated as “Exporting Business” by Korean government (No. 2007-37)
2007 Jul.   Succeeded “Technique Innovation Project” (supported by Korean government)
2007 Jul.   Participated in IPMEX (Malaysia)
2007 Aug.   Participated in PRINKOR (Korea)
2007 Aug.   Participated in Graph Expo (USA)
2007 Sep.   Participated in POLYGRAPHINTER (Russia)
2007 Oct.   Participated in Graphics Canada (Canada)
2007 Nov.   Certificated as “INNO-BIZ” by Korean government (No.7031-4461)
2008 Jan.   Certificated as “Venture Business” by Korean government
2008 Mar.   Completed the Development of CIP4 Paper Cutter (i 1160, i 1320, i 1580)
2008 May.   Participated in DRUPA 2008 (Hall No. 11.E77 / Germany)
2008 Sep.   Participated in KIPES 2008 (KINTEX Korea)
2008 Oct.   Participated in Graph Expo (USA)
2009 Jun.   Acquired certification of KCs mark. by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2009 Aug.   Participated in PRINKOR 2009 (Korea)
2009 Sep.   Participated in my print 09 (USA) (Booth No.3429)
2010 Sep.   Participated in KIPES 2010 (KINTEX Korea)
2011 Aug.   Participated in IPMEX (Malaysia)
2012 May.   Participated in DRUPA 2012 (Hall No. 11 – B73 / Germany)
2013 May.   Participated in PACPRINT 2013 (Melbourne, Australia)
2015 May.   Participated in PRINTEX 2015 (Sydney, Australia)
2015 Sep.   Participated in IGAS 2015 with HP (Tokyo, Japan)
2015 Sep.   Certificated as SmartStream Partner with HP
2016 May.   Participated in DRUPA 2016, Hall 11 – C31 (Düsseldorf, Germany)
2017 Oct.   Completed the Development of Touchscreen smart Paper Cutter (f 570)
2018 Dec.   Completed the Development of CIP4 smart Paper Cutter (i 570)
2020 Jun.   Participate in DRUPA 2020, Hall 14 – D07 (Düsseldorf, Germany)
2021 Aug.   Participated in KIPES 2021 (KINTEX Korea)
2024 May.   Participate in DRUPA 2024, Hall 11 – F50 (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Head office

26, Seongseogongdan-ro 21-gil,
Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Postal code : 42705

Tel: +82 53 582 6262
Fax: +82 53 581 2217

Sales office

Nexus tower 602, Ojang-dong 206-3,
Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Postal code : 04559

Tel: +82 2 2268 9233
Fax: +82 2 2268 9234


15B-1L, Seongseo 2nd IND. COMP.
Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Postal code : 42705

Tel: +82 53 582 6262
Fax: +82 53 581 2217