DAEHO hydraulic paper cutter have strong cutting power from electromagnetic clutch. We product All size paper cutter from 570mm to 3600mm.

Since 1986, We product paper cutters and export to 31 countries. our users use DAEHO papercutter at Printing company, Paper company and POD center.

i Cutter

i Cutter
  • compatible with CIP4
  • HP indigo SmartStream
  • Touch screen

c Cutter

c Cutter
  • Computer Programmable cutter
  • LCD Monitor
  • Macro auto input function

L Cutter

L Cutter
  • Large format cutter
  • Maximum 3600mm
  • Paper, Film, Carbon sheet & etc
  • The cutting solution of DAEHO
  • Lift, Jogger and Unloader
  • Enjoy best R.O.I. with DAEHO Automatic cutting system
Cutting System